Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does your school offer?

Our Little Warriors program is for children as young as 6 months. It includes a Junior Preschool Department with classes for 6–36-month-olds, Preschool for 3–4-year-olds, and Jr. Kindergarten for 4- and 5-year-old children who will be attending kindergarten the following year.

Our elementary school is for students in Kindergarten through 4th grade, and our middle school is for students in 5th through 7th grades for the 2021-2022 school year with plans to add on 8th grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

Is your school accredited?

Greater Things Christian School is in the accreditation process with Christian Schools International. A site visit team will visit in September 2021. GTCS is seeking dual accreditation with CSI and Cognia (Advanced Ed). Our Little Warriors program is approved by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Do you serve lunches?

Lunch is available daily for all children in our Little Warriors program.  During the 2020-2021 school year, lunch was available for purchase once/week for elementary and middle school students, and we plan to expand our lunch program during the 2021-2022 school year to include a daily lunch purchase option.

Is your schedule the same as the local public school?

No. GTCS is on a 4-Day school week.  Our weekly school schedule is Monday-Thursday, 7:45 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  We do offer an optional 5th day enrichment schedule on Fridays, but Friday attendance is not required for school or included in normal tuition rates.  There are also a few differences to single days off throughout the school year.  You may download a current calendar on our Home Page.

How does a 4-day school week work?

We have the same number of instructional hours in our 4-day school week as in a 5-day week by adding an extra hour to each school day.  We have carefully planned the school day for optimal learning and offer a 5th day option for an additional fee.

Do you offer extended care?

Yes. We have before care as early as 6:15 a.m., after care as late as 5:45 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Do you require uniforms?

Students may wear GTCS branded t-shirts or polos with khaki, navy, black, or gray pants or shorts. Girls may also choose to wear skorts/skirts of the same color. Additionally, we allow jeans and t-shirts on Thursdays and have several fun dress days throughout the year.

What curriculum do you use?

We have carefully chosen our curriculum, and all of our subjects are taught from a Christian perspective.  Curriculum publishers include Abeka, ACSI Purposeful Design, BJU Press, Houghton-Mifflin, Saxon, Studies Weekly, Mosdos Press, and a variety of other curricular resources, including a variety of novels and project-based learning.  In our early elementary grades, we value a mastery, hands-on approach to education.  In other words, we know there are some disciplines that need to be mastered to give students a firm foundation on which to build their next level of learning.  We also know that students learn best from a variety of approaches, and we utilize manipulatives and special projects to aid the comprehension, understanding, and application of subjects being taught.  In later elementary/early middle school years, we continue to encourage a mastery approach, but we also focus on critical thinking and application.

Is standardized testing administered at GTCS?

Yes. 3rd-8th grade students take the ACT Aspire in the Spring of the year. 

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Our elementary and middle school teachers are degreed and many of them have earned degrees on a master’s level (and beyond). 

Do you provide transportation?

We do not provide student transportation to or from school.